NATIONAL ELIGIBILITY CUM ENTRANCE TEST [ NEET (UG) – 2023] will be conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) on Sunday, 07 May 2023 (Sunday) in Pen and Paper mode in 13 languages, as a common and uniform National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test [(NEET (UG)] for admission to undergraduate medical education in all medical institutions

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Pattern of the Test The Test pattern of NEET (UG) - 2023

The exponential growth of the coaching industry around NEET preparation highlights another facet of deception.

comprises four Subjects. Each subject will consist of two sections. Section A will consist of 35 Questions and Section B will have 15 Questions, out of these 15 Questions, candidates can choose to attempt any 10 Questions. So, the total number of questions and utilization of time will remain the same

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Mode of Examination NEET (UG) – 2023

The resulting mental health crisis underscores the ethical concerns surrounding an examination that prioritizes results over the well-being of young minds.

is a Pen & Paper-based Test, to be answered on the specially designed machine gradable OMR sheet using Ball Point Pen is provided at the Centre. Moreover tampering with the OMR at any stage will lead to debarring of the candidature for 03 years

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Socioeconomic Disparities

 NEET’s one-size-fits-all approach fails to consider the differences in curriculum, teaching quality, and educational facilities.

One of the key criticisms of NEET is its perpetuation of socioeconomic disparities. While proponents argue that a standardized test levels the playing field, it often does the opposite. Students from financially privileged backgrounds can afford private coaching, study materials, and mock tests, providing them with a substantial advantage over economically disadvantaged students who lack such resources. This disparity contradicts NEET’s promise of equal opportunity.

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